Incineration plant

The incineration plant (IP), which runs for 3-4 months per year on average, essentially consists of the shaft furnace with a maximum material throughput of approx. 40kg/h and the associated infrastructure facilities such as gas burners, flue gas pipes, secondary combustion chamber and four-stage flue gas cleaning system consisting of a hot gas filter, flue gas scrubber, dioxin filter and an absolute filter.

Feeding the incineration plant

In addition to measuring equipment for the chemical parameters of the exhaust gas, the chimney also contains a radiological exhaust gas monitor which can immediately detect increased levels of radioactivity and trigger a corresponding alarm.

The IP complex also includes a conical dryer to dry radioactive sludge (for example, for the treatment of sludge generated during water purification) and a so-called ‘sorting box’, in which radioactive waste can be separated, crushed, decontaminated and prepared for further conditioning. More sensitive and highly contaminated radioactive waste (especially with alpha emitters) can also be processed in this plant.