Operational safety

Nuclear Engineering Seibersdorf GmbH (NES) as the operator of a series of facilities for which radiation protection approvals are necessary, assumes responsibility for radiation safety as well as compliance with existing statutory requirements and official regulations. In order to sufficiently fulfil this responsibility, the following aspects must be met/ensured:

  • Safe handling of radioactive substances and radiation sources
  • Compliance with the ALARA (As low as reasonably achievable) principle of radiation protection for all employees
  • Minimizing the likelihood of contamination in the facilities
  • Minimizing the likelihood of release of radioactive material into the environment

Monitoring and control of the fulfilment of these points in the NES is carried out by the Operational Safety unit (NB), whose head is also the radiation protection officer of the NES. In addition, NB is also responsible for all aspects of conventional occupational safety.

The following points therefore represent the main tasks of the NB business unit:

  1. Personnel monitoring
  2. Employee protection
  3. Workplace monitoring
  4. Emission monitoring
  5. Immission monitoring
  6. Radiation monitoring of plant design
  7. Processing of official procedures
  8. Emergency response planning and disaster-relief team

The accredited testing laboratory No. 314 is also located in the NB business unit.