Integrated Management System (IMS)

In an integrated management system (IMS), all in-house procedures and processes, based on requirements from various standards, are combined into one system. 

The integrated management system of NES consists of:

  • Quality management system (ISO 9001:2015)
  • Environmental management system (ISO 14001:2015)
  • Occupational safety and health management system (ISO 45001:2018)

IMS enables a holistic view of the operational processes. Aspects of occupational safety and environmental protection are included in the procedures. This is also implicitly a requirement of EU Directive 2011/70, which calls for a holistic approach in order to give safety the highest priority.


Safety is our top priority

Quality policy

The activities of Nuclear Engineering Seibersdorf GmbH are geared to maintaining a high level of quality at economically viable costs. We want to meet the wishes of our customers in the agreed time, at agreed costs, and at the agreed quality level.

Environmental policy

We want to safely handle, contain and store radioactive material to prevent its release into the environment and to avoid endangering the population through ionizing radiation (radioactive substances).

Our goal is to minimise the volume of radioactive waste in order to minimise the burden on future generations.

Occupational safety and healthcare policy

We want to minimise the risks of accidents in our work processes and the risks involved in handling radioactive materials in order to protect the health of our employees at all times.